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    I know some of you have to furnish your own urd tools,and the urd bag that goes with it,what kind of cost are we looking at,a stripping tool must be up there these days,and the sockets are not cheap,if you buy them anywhere,even ace hardware.Some places dont want you using a skinning knife,but I did,cause they were not that strict.

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    As lame as it sounds using a skining knife is asking for future trouble. When you score the insulation even the slightest you cause a weak spot in the insulation.

    The distance it is from the conductor to the surface of the insulation is not the same around the whole cable.

    Under power the current like water is looking to go to ground and it spiders or trees out thru the insulation at the point where the score was made (the shortest path to ground). Sooner or later there will be a problem at that point.

    Now a days the splices are getting autographed by the installer ( at my old utility)so if anything goes wrong and the splice is replaced it gets checked by engineering to see what caused the fault. The best thing to happen is it not be the installers fault.

    Do what you want but there are good reasons to follow Mfg. standards.

    Speed Systems makes some good tools for splicing.
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    I was taught with string and banana peeler.