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    Every good trouble man has extra fuse barrels,extra meter jaws,off sized bolts ,ect..other than on your vehicle where do you keep these parts,things such as Southern State barrels...Is there a place you keep these items or do you kind of keep that secret,what rare items do you consider valueable thatyou wont just throw away.

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    Like most T-men I keep older style parts to things on my truck. It allowed me to get people back on when the crews may not be available to replace them. I also got flack for cutting a crew out of OT because I had the older style fuse slips. I would cruise by the dumpster every other week or so and see what was tossed out. And there have been times when one of the crews would cruise by my house when I wasn't working and find what they needed on my truck, instead of looking for it at the regional office. So it's a big give and take.